Effectiveness of a Mobile Customer Loyalty Platform

Tracking purchase pattern of existing customers and rewarding repeat purchases has become a widely acknowledged strategy by brand managers across the globe. An important question to begin with is: “Why would a customer be loyal to a brand?” Step in to the shoes of a customer and the answer to this pertinent question will itself […]

Mobile Based Loyalty Programs – Simplifying Customer Connect

In the recent years mobile usage has truly skyrocketed to enormous proportions in India. As per Business Monitor International (BMI), a leading London based Industry Research Company there are as many as 8 to 10 million mobile subscribers being added every month.  The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) estimated 904 million mobile subscribers with […]

Indian Brands deploy Mobile Loyalty Platform

Increasing activity in the Indian Retail Sector is invoking brands to take note of customer preferences and build their own loyal customer base. Indian consumer is becoming savvy, is conscious about his preferences and is ever more demanding.   Brands are willing to go that extra mile to acquire new customers and to retain, engage […]

m’loyal Launches Moible Based Customer Loyalty Platform for Malls

m’loyal, the leading mobile based customer loyalty platform in the country, launched a new version specifically for Malls.   Shopping malls have an increasing need to convert the footfalls into sales for brands. One of the key factors that can increase sales is effective customer retention policy. Well focused and structured customer loyalty program can […]

Mobile Loyalty Cards for Shoppers

Plastic cards are a thing of the past. Mobile phone is taking over every aspect of your life. Retailers are now taking customer loyalty to a new level and constant customer engagement is the key focus. Consumers mobile phone can play a huge role in creating a highly interactive and engaging customer loyalty program.   […]