Customer loyalty goes mobile – The m’loyal way

The idea and approach of loyalty is changing fast. Loyalty is no more a plastic card that you use for few weeks and then can’t find it anymore.

Loyalty has moved to mobile. Customer mobile number is a unique identifier and helps marketeers plan highly precise campaigns.

The concept of mobile loyalty has moved from being an incentive program for the consumer to one to one marketing. The investment on loyalty allows you to capture rich customer data. Meaningful use of this data for customer segmentation and to decide relevant campaigns, creates positive ROI.

According to CEO, Vineet Narang, “m’loyal helps minimize pilfering of customer data and maximize ROI for every campaign. We have seen 8-10X ROI as an average for Analytics based campaigns”

A careful analysis of data shows that 65 percent of customers register for a brand loyalty program, 18-19 percent redeem points and 2.5 – 4 percent customers respond to campaigns. Campaign response is received within 72 hours and hence the whole exercise and completely measurable.

Each analytics based campaign drives incremental sale, moves lazy customers to aggressive buyers and drives up the total sale and ATV of the brand month on month.

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