How it Works?



Create your own Omni-Channel Loyalty Program

  • Create your own omni-channel brand loyalty program instantly and go live across all stores
  • Configure any kind of loyalty program – points based, frequency based, discount based, multi-tier, item based and more..
  • Configure and integrate with your POS, Social media, Website, Ecommerce and mobile
  • Structure your Redemption parameters and offers
  • Connect with complimentary brands for Cross Promotion

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  • Capture customer across all touch points including your stores and online media
  • Customer mobile number becomes the unique identifier – no plastic cards, no physical vouchers
  • Convert Facebook Likes to actual recognizable Leads
  • Capture customers using QR Codes, Short codes, mobile app, Google Adwords, FB Ads, Online Advertising & cross promo
  • Increase your customer base exponentially and engage them consistently to drive repeat business


  • Tag consumers to their purchase / transaction / billing by tight integration into POS and e-commerce
  • Analyze purchase behavior, buying patterns, location stats, product category usage, brand affinity using strong analytical engine and tools to identify customer segments
  • Cluster / Segment customers based on high purchase value, frequency of purchase, SKU / Item level affinity and action marketing communication based on actual / real time consumer preferences
  • Get as close to one-one marketing and understand your consumer segments to drive up brand equity



  • Dice / Slice your customers based n various parameters
  • Drive targeted SMS / EMAIL / Social / Mobile Couponing / Video / Audio Campaign to just the right set of customers
  • Focus on ROI – Schedule analytics based weekly campaigns to drive up ROI tremendously
  • Track Campaign ROI in real time
  • Schedule / Align proactive and Reactive campaigns based on actual real time consumer data
  • Align different campaigns for different consumer segments