CRM & Member Management

Member Connect & Activity Management

Customer information is invaluable in the new digital economy and is an invaluable asset for any retail operation.

The CRM interface of m’loyal™ is designed specifically for Brand Managers in your organization.

  • Manage store accounts
  • Manage loyalty members database
  • Schedule coupon campaigns to loyalty & external database
  • Schedule advertising & promotional campaigns to loyalty & external database
  • Generate reports

Its time to move from analyzing number of bills to analyzing your customer behavior. A favorable change in customer behavior, frequency of visit will impact your bill size positively. m’loyal™ helps you capture vital customer data and invaluable trends to align your business and marketing campaigns to suit the needs of your consumer.

A strong CRM allows you to dynamically change parameters, capture information and slice / dice to create valuable insights.

Analysing, customer purchase pattern, store performance, frequency of purchase allows you to create marketing campaigns that are targeted and result oriented. The ROI of a targeted campaign can go as high as 40%. Instant couponing or gratification to the customer at the Point of Sales based on his previous purchase history can help enhance your average bill value over a period of time.

Key Features

Customer Lifecycle Management

Triggering Loyalty

Triggering Frequency

Purchase & Events

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