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Loyalty program is a marketing asset for the brand. Branding and marketing your loyalty program directly to the consumer helps inculcate confidence and creates the right awareness of the program. Globally, the trend is to advertise the consumer benefit rather than the product. Idea is to be able to differentiate your product offering by creating a strong loyalty / privilege program. The program plan should excite consumers to sign up and get enthused to come back again to earn their rewards and privileges. Visual communication at the stores using the right tools like tent cards, posters, window adverts, benefit cards, product inserts, loyalty tags, danglers create the just needed. m’loyal™ creative team works with the brand to design and architect the visual communication for the loyalty program. Innovative program name, right program logo and tag line, online adverts, social media proliferation, appropriate use of QR codes and digital media give the much required lift to your loyalty program in the consumers brain. This helps customer involved enrollment and redemptions in the program.

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